Class Size

We limit classes to no more than 8 dogs in the basic obedience class. This way we can give you and your dog the best training and care to help you achieve your goals.

Please know that we do not give any guaranties that you or your dog will move forward to become a therapy dog. THAT is totally up to you and your commitment to the program.



Basic Obedience


Angie’s Therapy Dog Class offers professional training classes that will help you and your dog achieve the skills and accreditations you want. Current courses offered provide you with a full range of instruction on both basic obedience and therapy dog training. The training is offered indoors in an air-conditioned/heated building with front on-site parking and a secure area.

Basic Obedience - 7 weeks

Our Basic Obedience Class teaches you the skills neccesary to begin developing advanced handling methods and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.  Below are some of the skills you will learn.

Heel on a loose leash






Recall (Come)

Leave it

Front Sit

Figure Eight (Around Chairs)



Auto Sit When Heeling

Sit/Down from a distance

Stand Stay

Figure Eight Around Dogs