Angie’s in Her Home 
Boarding Licensed & Insured


Hi everyone I wanted you all to know that I am going to start dog boarding at my home. There are a lot of you that know me with Angie’s Therapy Dog/CGC Class and Basic Obedience Class. Many of you have already been to my house before you went into my class. I have retired so I am home more, but still do my classes, and I feel I would take good loving care of your dog in my home. I have a big fenced in dog run in the back of my house surrounded by a 6” privacy fence that locks from the inside as well as the outside. I also have an ADT alarm system in my home. If your dog sleeps with you then it will happily sleep with me, if not then there will be a special place by my bed.


You can come over prior to leaving your dog so you can see my home
and we can go over everything.


If I should have to leave for any reason please bring your crate or if
your dog can be left inside without a crate in my office then that is fine also.


I do not take dogs with behavioral issues or aggression issues.


Please bring all written feeding instructions and food containers


  1. Blanket & toys- please bring your dog’s favorite blanket/bed, toy and any item with a familiar scent-and add his or her name to each item- limit to 2 items please

  2. I will administer prescribed medications if they're in the vet's original container

  3. You supply your dog’s food and dog bed and any medicine it may need, collar and leash

  4. Please bring a list of phone numbers that you wish for me to call should I need too

  5. I need a copy of your dogs updated current shot records with Bordetella

  6. I take the dogs to Med Vet should the need arise or if your vet is close and open I will take it there


Any questions please feel free to contact me about my in my home boarding at (614) 279-0908 between the hours of 3 pm to 9 pm 7 days a week. Here are my boarding special fees:

$35 a day for one large dog

$25 a day for one medium or one small dog


Angie Jones

(614) 279-0908 Home

(614) 949-7386 Cell