Janet M. Fowle

I would like anyone that is interested in having your dog become a Therapy Dog to look into Angie's Therapy Dog Training. Angie is that rare individual whose heart bleeds for helping you succeed. She goes out of her way in scheduling and making sure your fur baby is ready. So many fine points that I never dreamed of are taught by Angie.  If you want complete and correct training, Angie is your girl. Thank you Angie for all your wonderful suggestions and knowledge. 




Cindy & Darla

Angie Jones is an extremely knowledgeable dog trainer, to say the least. Her dog therapy class was one of the best experiences that Darla and I had together as a "team".  Because of Angie's expertise in training and understanding dogs, plus her knowledge of what it takes to pass the dog therapy class, I feel more than confident that Darla and I are ready to take the dog therapy test...and PASS! 


I highly recommend Angie's Therapy Dog Class to anybody who wants to learn how to better handle their dog and pass the dog therapy class.


Cindy Acheson

Previous Dog Therapy Student



Beth & Phoebe

On Saturday, September 5, Phoebe, our rescue doberman completed her training with Angie and passed her Canine Good Citizen Test. On Sunday September 6, we left town with Phoebe in the car with us, and all of our newly acquired skills were immediately put to the test.


The "leave it" command was most helpful when encountering other dogs at rest areas along the way.


The hotel in Washington DC held a big surprise. Our room on the 8th floor was accessible only through the hotel lobby and up and down the elevator. No problem! Phoebe conducted herself beautifully, and as luck would have it, Angie had introduced us to elevators just the week before.


But the true value of Angie's training was made clear to me when we attended our friend's burial service at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. He himself was a dog lover and Phoebe's dignified presence at the service was special indeed. As there were several prolonged periods of silence, I was especially grateful for the hand signals Angie taught us. In fact, more than once on that trip I found myself saying "Thank you Angie!"


I recommend Angie's class for anyone who loves their dog and wants to see him or her reach his or her highest potential. Your dog will thank you in so many ways.





Alexa & Luna

From the beginning, I knew that Angie's class was going to be a wonderful experience. She is a great instructor, and quite invested in her students' success. Early on in the session, my dog started fixating on other dogs in the class setting – even growling and lunging at another dog. When this happened, Angie immediately took control of the situation, put a training collar on my dog, and showed me how to handle this new behavior. I am incredibly grateful that, instead of writing my us off (or kicking us out of the class!), she gave me the tools and knowledge that enabled us to stay on track to becoming a therapy dog team. Working around hospital equipment was so helpful, as was getting to go on an actual visit. I know that, once we become a therapy team, we will have so much more confidence going on visits and approaching new situations after the experience of this class.


Alexa & Luna



Jackie Hardman

My dog Casey and I just completed Angie's Therapy Dog training this past November.  Casey was my second therapy dog.  Fortunately for me I had been acquainted with Angie for a few years when my first therapy dog Morgan received certification from TDI.  Unlike Morgan who was my push button dog that took very little training and was a natural at the job, Casey was a handful.  She required more training and discipline than Morgan. I was very spoiled by Morgan and somewhat at a loss to train Ms. Hyperactivity. I turned to Angie for help with my too hyper, too A.D.D lab Casey.


Angie helped me learn how to be the leader and to keep Casey's attention focused on the job at hand. I learned more than the dog, and realized with some chagrin that most of the problem was me not her.  After ten weeks instruction I am happy to report Casey passed all 3 evaluations for her TDInc. Test and is now the apple of all the resident's eyes at Rockmill Rehab and Nursing facility in Lancaster. She still is a little excitable but seems to have learned when her vest goes on she is to settle and go work.


She had very big shoes to fill when Morgan passed, but is on her way to making Morgan proud. If you are interested in being involved with therapy dogs, I highly recommend Angie's Therapy Dog training school.  Tell her Casey sent you.......woof, woof.





Ellen Winkler

My dog Porter and I have successfully completed Angie's Therapy Dog Class and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a successful therapy dog team.  Prior to Angie's class I did not have a lot of knowledge of what was needed to be a therapy team, but when the course was finished I felt more than prepared to begin our journey as a therapy dog team.  


Angie's passion about this topic cannot be overstated.  She is very realistic in her training and prepares her students for anything they might encounter.  She invests all her time and energy into her classes and even continues to be supportive after they are done.  She honestly wants everyone to succeed and will go to great lengths to try to ensure that it happens.  


Thanks to Angie, I feel confident going forward that Porter and I will be a successful team that is prepared for anything.





Julie Robeson

Angie's class was both informative & beneficial. I learned how to better communicate with my dog and also how to handle various potential therapy settings. I feel very confident that The Baron will enjoy his experiences as a therapy dog & will bring joy to many people.





Becky & Teddy

Teddy and I had a great time in Angie's Therapy Dog training classes.  We learned how to be a Therapy Dog team and look forward to putting our teamwork to work! On to the next stage!  


Thank you, Angie!




Gracie and I really enjoyed our classes with Angie but most importantly we both learned what it takes to be a good therapy dog and owner.  Angie had everything in class set up to replicate what we would experience in a real setting and taught  us the language and signals we would need to navigate  around equipment such as wheelchairs,  walkers, etc.  At the end of our training period we visited  an assisted care center and also a hospital to expose us first hand to what we will encounter when our training is complete.  


Thanks Angie!  Looking forward to the next step!



Tracy Hood

My dog George and I completed Angie's therapy dog class.  We enjoyed the class very much and received valuable information that will surely help us as we embark on our new journey of being a therapy dog team. We felt completely prepared as we took the therapy dog test through Therapy Dog Inc.  and had our supervised visits. We can not thank Angie and her dog Tra enough for such a wonderful experience.





Brooke Myers

I have experienced the healing powers of a cold wet nose and wagging tail. A dog is there to listen with no judgement. Just a warm furry body to hug on. I live everyday benefiting from the healing powers of my dog. I've always wanted

to share this special feeling with other people. Thus, I sought out a trainer to help my dog and I become a therapy

dog team.


I found Angie Jones who has guided me through training my dog to be a therapy dog. I had read all the literature I could get my hands on, but no book or website compares to the hands-on experience I had with Angie's therapy dog training class. From the start Angie lets you know that you are part of a very select group. Not just anyone or any dog can get into her class. She has a temperament evaluation and a questionnaire to make sure this class is the right fit.


The class was well organized and paced to fit the class temperament. When the trainers or dogs weren't 'getting it', Angie would slow down and explain. She adapted to each 'personality' of dog in our class while still meeting the

same goal.


I learned a lot from Angie and her class. She is extremely knowledgeable about dogs and dog behavior but she is also understands the intricacies of having an animal in a health care setting.


Brooke Myers



David Fick

I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your therapy dog training class. I think you are a wonderful teacher and you explained things very well. I can't think of anything you didn't cover. I also can tell you love doing what you do. You aren't in it for the money but for the love of bringing joy to those less fortunate, those who are just temporarily hospitalized and also the people who are in nursing homes and or hospitals for the rest of their lives. When I first met Huck I thought he could possibly be a good candidate for a therapy dog, then we got sidetracked when he was diagnosed with cancer, although during his time in the hospital I never gave up hope of him recovering and becoming a certified therapy dog. Well needless to say he did recover and one day I had my very good friend Sara look up therapy dogs on the internet and we found several web sites but yours stood out the most. What I really liked is how quickly you responded back to me. Huck being 8 years old I wanted to get the ball rolling because I know he can bring many people joy just like he has brought me joy. Thanks again, and I look forward to giving you progress reports on Huck in the future and I would be willing to visit one of your future classes with Huck if you need us in any way to help (like Brooke and Riley did in our class).


David Fick