Therapy Dog Class


Angie’s Therapy Dog Class offers professional training classes that will help you and your dog achieve the skills and accreditations you want. Current courses offered provide you with a full range of instruction on both basic obedience and therapy dog training. The training is offered indoors in an air-conditioned/heated building with front on-site parking and a secure area. 

Class Size

We limit classes to no more than 6 dogs in the Therapy Dog/CGC class. This way we can give you and your dog the best training and care to help you achieve your goals.

Please know that we do not give any guaranties that you or your dog will move forward to become a therapy dog. THAT is totally up to you and your commitment to the program.


Pre-enrollment Evaluation

Before beginning any training at Angie's Therapy Dog Class, your dog will be evaluated by our professional trainer. This pre-enrollment evaluation of your dog will enable us to determine his/her personality type, aptitude, social development, and behavioral patterns. This evaluation will also allow our trainer to determine if your dog accepts things that he or she will encounter in the real world as a well-trained dog in different situations. From this information our professional trainer will be able to recommend if your dog is ready to move forward into Angie's Therapy Dog Class. With either approach, your dog's training curriculum is designed around other dogs and other dog owners which have the same goals.

During the evaluation our trainer will also answer any questions that you have about our training and our goals for you and your dog.

Our trainer will also provide you with a demonstration with a trained dog to give you a better idea of what is being asked of you and your dog. This pre-enrollment evaluation is free of charge and pre-scheduled.  Registration and information forms will be provided to you in advance via email.  If you wish to take the class after your dog's evaluation a deposit will need to be given at time of your evaluation to hold your place in class, which is ½ the total amount of that class.

We care about you and your dog and we started just like you are now.  So, it means very much to us to give you 150% of ourselves to help you achieve your goals.

Please contact us through the Contact page to obtain the most current information regarding class schedules and fees and let's get started to a beautiful future with you and your wonderful dog.

Therapy Dog Class - 8 weeks

Our Therapy Dog Class prepares handlers and their dogs for the situations they will inevitably encounter during their therapy visits. Our training is  conducted with medical equipment to familiarize your dog with a typical environment. Below are some skills you will learn for their Canine Good Citizens and prepare for the Theraphy Dog observations.

Sit next to and around medical equipment

Down next to and around medical equipment

Stay - which will be needed as a solid command
Come (Recall)

Heal (Walk calmly on a leash) 

Accepting Friendly Stranger


Leave it

Visit to a Facility/Therapy Dog Elevator Etiquette

Working with and around
medical equipment


Interaction with Other Dog

Walking Through Crowd
Appearance & Grooming

Sitting Politely for Petting